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About Us

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Powerful Products and its website www.PowerfulProducts.com, is owned and operated by Powerful Signal LLC located in Hurricane, Utah near St Geoge Utah. Powerful Signal, LLC was founded in 2006 by Kevin Taylor the President. All operations, sales, product support, shipping and warehouse are handled from our Hurricane, Utah facility.


About Us / Why Us

Food, Power, Light, Communications, and Shelter...that's Powerful Products

Powerful Products is part of the Powerful Signal product family, a name people and businesses have come to rely on for quality products, support, and service since 2006. Powerful Products is a commonsense product line of food, power, light, communications, and shelter. Products that can be used in emergency and disaster situations along with your everyday life. On the job, at home, on the go, off the grid, camping, or in an emergency situation, our products ensure you have access to the food, power, light, communications, and shelter you need when and where you need it.

Having extensive product knowledge and a demonstrated track record assisting thousands of satisfied customers just like you around the country. We're in a unique position to assist you.

Contact us and you'll talk to a real person who will take the time to review your situation, has the experience and know-how to make recommendations and, above all else, listen to you. And if you favor us with an order, we won't just forward it to someone else for processing; we'll pick, pack and ship it from our in-house inventory.

We partner exclusively with manufacturers we have researched and know well, who offer the highest quality, most reliable and innovative products on the market today. That ensures your complete satisfaction. And our reputation. If, on the rare occasion you experience a problem of any kind with our products, call us. We'll talk you through the issue and resolve it, live and in person.

Plug in to Powerful Products today.

POWER - Goal Zero Yeti Store

Don't get caught in the dark without an emergency power plan. Powerful Products has a Goal Zero Yeti Store with the right solution for your, emergencies, power outage, fun in the backyard, tailgate party or camping. See the Goal Zero Yeti 150, Yeti 400, and the powerhouse Yeti 1250.

Get power, lights and the ability to recharge via sun or wall plug. Plug your computer, notebook, tablet, satellite phone or other small electrical device into the yeti to keep it going.

COMMUNICATIONS - Cell Signal Booster Store

Powerful Products has a cell signal booster that will solve your weak cell signal problem. We have both 3G and 4G cellular boosters in a variety of prices to fit your budget. Stay connected in your vehicle or mobile unit while traveling or in your above ground or subterranean building. Metal or concrete, we can bring a strong cell signal into your building.

Don't give up when you have a bad cell signal. There is proven technology that can solve your problem. The manufacturers that Power Products works with have been around for years and all their equipment is FCC approved. Call us if you have any questions.

FOOD - Emergency Food Storage

Think smart when it comes to food supply for everyday and emergency use. Eat what you store and store what you are going to eat. Multiple options for using and storing food for emergencies or everyday use. Now days it is very easy to store food and ensure that you and your family can eat in an emergency situation.

Quick, easy, healthy food for emergencies, disasters, quick meal for the family when time is tight, or when there is only 1 or 2 of you. Be smart with your food storage. Use it in you lifestyle along with keeping a supply for emergencies.

Authorized Dealer

Powerful Products (Powerful Signal LLC) is an authorized dealer for all products we stock and carry. All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturer and delivered to our own warehouse for shipment to you.


Powerful Products takes all major credit cards, corporate checks, and wire transfers.

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