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BareBones Wall Tent

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Barebones Sarfari Tent
Barebones Sarfari TentBarebones Safari Tent - Glamping InteriorBarebones Sarfar Tent - Open DoorOptional Front Awning - Sold SeparatelyOptional Side Awning - Sold Separately
Our Price: $1,999.00
and worth every penny!
Item: STR-501
Manufacturer: BareBones
Manufacturer Part No: STR-501

BareBones Safari Tent Description

You are asking yourself "Is this tent worth $2,000".  The answer is yes.  We asked the same question.  We wanted a feature rich, quality tent product and we found it.  So what makes this tent special:
  1. 6 foot side walls (not the normal 5ft)
  2. 9.5 foot ridge height (center height) for more of the home experience
  3. 120 square feet of floor space
  4. Pre treated Genuine Cordura UV resistant skin designed for year round weather exposure
  5. Modular structure skin
  6. Cordura ground liner fully integrated up the wall
  7. Extruded Aluminum framework (lighter and stronger)
  8. 3 foot spacing on the frame (not the normal 5 ft)
  9. Extra large and strong nylon joints (add more strength)
  10. Two doors, font and back
  11. 8 screened windows with zipper flaps (two on each side)
  12. Detachable screen door
  13. Less weight than conventional cabin wall tent
  14. 3 carry bags

What is Included

  • Structure skins for 12 ft long tent (3 sections)
  • Complete set of poles for 10 x 12 tent
  • Complete set of joints
  • 1 ground liner
  • 4 zinc alloy stakes
  • 4 lengths of nylon cord


Click Here to view BareBones Sarfari Wall Tent setup Instructions.

  Front door opened wide

Front and Back Doors

The Barebones Safari Tent has two doors.  The front door opens almost the entire width of the tent allowing for maximum fresh air and view.  The back door is smaller and comes in handy when the tent is divided or a smaller door is desired.
Along with 2 doors, the tent has 8 great windows, 2 on each side and 2 on the front and back.  Role up flaps allow for easy opening and closing.
  Optional Fron Awning - BareBones Safari Tent
Optional Front Awning - Sold Separately
  Optional Side Awning - BareBones Safari Tent
Optional Side Awning - Sold Separately

Why We Like the Barebones Safari Tent

The Safari tent features 120 square feet of floor space along with 6 foot side walls instead of an average 5 foot and a whopping 9.5 foot center height to generate that open concept including the option of fully opening one side to create an open concept into the outdoors.  Windows surround the tent so that sun and fresh air can sift its way in during good weather, or can be zipped up tight to keep the tent ventilated in less preferred weather conditions with its pretreated Genuine Cordura UV resistant shell designed for year round exposure.  Made with extruded aluminum framework, it is lighter and stronger than most tent structures and comes with 3 carry bags.  This tent balances that sturdy, luxurious feel with a lightweight structure.
The Frame
The Safari Tent is built for comfort and designed for strength and stability.  Constructed with an extruded aluminum framework with 3 foot spacing instead of the average 5 foot spacing for a lighter yet stronger foundation, which grips to multiple surfaces such as concrete, wood and dirt.  This tent is cabin inspired; therefore, it does not need an interior pole for stability creating a roomier open space.  What I found to be very handy about this tent is that the frame poles are all the same size excluding the door poles.  This makes putting the frame together an easier task than with most tents that have color selections or numbers.  A generous supply of sturdy Velcro straps are placed around the tent to hold the poles into place.  These large nylon pole joints are easily removed with the push of a button; yet hooks in tightly to maintain a powerful hold and topped off with superior zinc allow stakes that add to the security and longevity of the tent as well.
BareBones Safari Tent Nylon Pole Joint
Heavy Duty Nylon Pole Joint
The Floor
The inside of the tent is made for maintaining the temperature you prefer.  With two access doors (one at each end), surrounding windows, and the ability to open a full side, it is possible to obtain a fresh air atmosphere.  However, the tight Velcrowed seams can keep warm air in as well!  The floor of the tent goes up the sides about 18 inches to keep the water and weather out of the interior.  Nylon and Velcro straps hold the floor solidly in place.  The 120 feet of floor space gives this tent the area you desire for your camping/glamping experience with the capacity  for a full size bed, night stands, and plenty of room to walk around.
The Outer Shell
The tent is made with a Cordura brand fabric, which is the best on the market with its durable, adaptable, and reliable UV resistant skin designed for year-round weather exposure.  The screened windows and doors aid in ventilation and keeping bugs out.  Door screens are Velcroed in and are easily replaceable.  All the windows have flaps that role up easily and fasten on the inside.  There are to nice windows on each end of the peak of the roof that allows for hot air to escape.  These also have flaps that can be opened or closed.
The tent features an array of access ports for electrical cables to run in and out of the tent.  Each port securely closes with Velcro.  These ports allow you to store your Yeti power packs in the tent and run lighting cables to the outside.  If you have a generator you can run power cords from the generator into the tent.  There are plenty of access ports.
BareBones Safari Tent Velcro Seam
Strong Velcro Seams
BareBones Safari Tent Access Port
Multiple Access Ports for cords & cables

Barebones Project: Philippines - Tent Village

Barebones tents have been used in disaster relief in several areas because of their rugged build and durable features in adverse conditions.  Some people live in these tents full time.  They will work great for you during hunting or camping season.