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Ever Ridden a Polaris eBike?


Well there is a first for everything.  I rode a Polaris eBike the other day.  Wow!  Riding a bike in my opinon is okay, but when you put the "e" in the bike, the whole thing moves to a different dimension.  At my age, I view things more in a practical matter rather than "just because it's great technology I have to have it".  I could get real use to ebikes.  There is definintly a very practical side to the whole ebike thing.

First of all the Polaris eBike is a peddle assisted system which means that it will apply power to the bike depending on how you are peddling, what gear your in, and how you have the onboard computer set.  The who thing is very simple and it works.  You can cruise like crazy down a paved path or power up a steep dirt trail.

The Polaris eBike looks pretty much like a regular bike.  It has been designed from the ground up as a ture eBike not just some bike that has been converted.  The power pack (lithium ion battery) is stored nicely in the frame.  It can easily be removed and is secured by a key system.  Another noticable thing is a larger than normal rear hub.  This is where the 750 watt electric motor resides.  In my research, I noticed that the Polaris 750 watt motor is larger than most other ebikes that I saw.  The last thing that is a bit different than a regular bike is the small computer that is mounted to the handle bars.  You may even not notice it if you're not looking for it.  This computer shows your milage, speed and has a couple of adjustments that you can set depending upon the type of power you want the ebike to deliver.

As for the rest of the bike, the gears, brakes, tires, peddles, etc., they are pretty much mainstream bike components.  This makes it real nice for parts replacement and servicing at a regular bike shop.

In summary, I like the Polaris eBike.  I can see a bunch of uses for it.


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