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Mountain House Emergency Food

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What is the real deal with Mountain House?

You hear about all these different types of food that can be rehydrated into a meal.  I have decided to give them a try and to figure out for myself how they really stack up when it comes to getting a good meal.  I have test three different brands.  I'll call them Brand A, Brand B and Mountain House.

Brand A and Brand B were dehydrated foods.  I have learned that this is much different than freeze dried food. Freeze dried food has a much better look after being rehydrated than dehydrated.  I also learned that Brand A and Brand B had not been cooked prior to being dehydrated.  Because of this, the food had to be simmered in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

Mountain House Food

I ate both Brand A and Brand B for several days, so I was able to get a good sampling of what they were like.  Now let's talk about Mountain House Food.  I was not too excited about Brand A and Brand B after eating a reasonable amount of the food so I wasn't too excited to try another brand, but I did.  Big difference!

One thing I learned about Mountain House, which is a big deal, is that the food is cooked prior to being freeze dried.  Pre-cooking and freeze drying makes all the difference in the world.  A night and day difference.

I bought a 5 day box and used it at the office for 10 minute lunches so I could try all the varieties.  The food tasted good, it look good, smelled good, and the price was right for lunch.  Over all, I was really impressed with all aspects of the food.

I think a couple of the main reasons for the success of Mountain House is the following:

Pre-Cooking means the food can be rehydrated much faster, in about 8-10 minutes and no simmering is required.  Just pour boiling water into the pouch, stir and wait 10 minutes.  That's it.

Freeze Dried means the food will look good after it is rehydrated.  Peas look like peas, corn looks like corn.  Bottom line, the food looks good.


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