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weBoost EQO "Echo" Cell Signal Booster

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Eliminate Dropped Calls

weBoost EQO 473120 Starts Shipping April 7th

Wilson Electronics has created a new cell phone booster that is designed to boost and improve cell signal reception in a room.  The new weBoost EQO sets up in minutes and does not require any permanent antenna mounting.  There are four basic components:

  1. The weBoost EQO booster/antenna that sits in a window
  2. The weBoost EQO interior antenna that sits on a table
  3. The coax cable that connects both together
  4. The power supply that plugs into the wall

weBoost EQO "Echo" Booster and Antenna

This system is designed to improve 3G and 4G cell signal reception in a room.  It is not designed to cover a 3,000 sq ft house so don't try.  The main requirement is to have some cell signal at a window where the booster/antenna can be placed.  The more signal available at the amplifier window, the more broadcast there will be inside the room.

Sample weBoost EQO install

A coax cable is provided that is used to connect the booster/antenna in the window to the interior broadcast antenna.  This is a very thin coax that can be easily hidden out of view.

Take a look at our video below to get an idea how the weBoost EQO can work in your environment.


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