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Goal Zero Lite-a-Life 350 LED Lantern

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There are few products that I can say are as impressive as the newly designed  Goal Zero Lite-a-Life 350 LED lantern.  This 2nd generation Lite-a-Life has had a lot of thought put into it.  Below is a list of features that I think are worth mentioning.

Size Matters

The new size is much small than the previous Lite-a-Life.  The previous lantern was was a bit bulky.  It worked well, but was a size that was best suited to be carried around in a box.  The new Lite-a-Life is compact, very compact.  It compresses to a size that can easily be used in a back pack or emergency bug-out bag.

This new Lite-a-Life 350 also has the ability, within its compact size, to store the connecting cable.  This is a big deal, no dangling cords to find a place for.  The cord for the lantern wraps around an ingenious center post that stores inside the lantern.  Everything in a tight, compact package with no loose cords.  The whole light is about the size of a baseball.  Not too bad for light, cords, and mounts.


The new Lite-a-Life is much brighter than the old one.  It has two settings, low and high.  A switch on the top of the light allows you to switch the brightness between 100 lumens and 300 lumens.

Mounting Options

The adjustable carabineer hook has been carried forward with the new light.  The hook easily adjust position on the 9 foot connection allowing the light position to hang higher or lower.  However, a new mounting option has been added to the new light, magnets.  Magnets have been placed on the light allowing it to be snapped onto a metal surface such as under a car hood.

Connection Options

Both the old and the new light have the ability to plug directly into Goal Zero power packs like the Sherpa and the Yeti.  However the new Lite-a-Life comes with a 12V car plug so the lantern can be plugged into any 12V receptacle in a car, RV, boat etc.  This is extremely handy because now the light can be used in a wide variety of locations in a wide variety of vehicles.


If you are looking for a versatile LED light that can be used camping, backyard, backpacking, boating, RV'ing and also for emergencies, the new Goal Zero Lite-a-Life 350 is it.  


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