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Portable LED Lights

LED Lights for Home, Vehicle, Camping, Emergency

You never know when light is going to be real important. Don't get caught in the dark.  A variety of LED lights for everyday, camping, and emergency use.

  • LED Road Flare - Magnetic flashing light that attaches to your vehicle during a roadside emergency
  • Goal Zero Torch 250 - Versatile LED flashlight and flood light for home, vehicle or camping
  • Goal Zero Light-a-Life 350 - Compact, portable LED light to plug into Sherpa or Yeti power pack
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 - LED lantern for home emergency, camping, or roadside emergency
  • Luna Light - Compact USB light to light laptop keyboard or plug into small USB power pack
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  • Goal Zero Luna LED Light
    Universal flexible LED Light with USB connector for notebook, tablet, PC, Guide 10 Plus or other Goal Zero battery packs. Great little portable light to plug into any USB port.  Plug into laptop USB port for lightup...
  • Aervoe Snap Light Lantern Power Bank
    A versatile weather-proof device that operates as a flashlight, lantern, power bank and emergency beacon.  The Snap Light works great for home emergency, camping, RV'ing, and it's small enough for backpacking. ...
  • Goal Zero Light-a-Life Mini USB Light
    Mini USB Light is the correct term for this light.  This small, chainable LED light is designed to be compact for backpacking and easy storage.  You can chain up to 4 of these 110 lumen LED lights together to...
  • Portable 12V LED Area Light
    The LED Portable Area Lights bring light to unlit areas, whether permanent or temporary. Hang them on a tree, string line or any other overhead structure. Connect to any 12v DC powr source. Ideal for emergency, work sites,...
  • Aervoe 1146 LED Road Flare
    Aervoe 1146 LED Road Flare has 18 red LED lights, uses two AA batteries, crush-proof, waterproof, visible for up to 7 miles away, seven different flash patterns, magnetic to attach to different locations on your vehicle so...
  • Goal Zero Light-a-Life 350 - Collapsed
    This newly engineered multipurpose LED light is great for camping, packing, and emergency use. It has been designed to fold up into a small, compact package making it easy to carry and store. Extra bright with 350 lumens of...
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub
    A dream lantern for the backpacker or emergency preparedness person that needs small and compact.  This Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is the item to have when space and functionality are important.  On low...
  • Goal Zero Torch 250 - Spotlight and Lamp
    Power Hub with flashlight, lantern, red emergency light, hand crank, solar panel, all built into one great package for emergencies, camping, cabin, RV, boat, or just around the house. Charge the light or your cell phone with...
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 400
    LED lantern for emergency preparedness kit or camping. Two adjustable 3 Watt LED bulbs to light everything up. USB port for charging a phone. Crank or USB port to charge the light. Strong, durable, and very functional. Small...

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